What To Expect When Taking Your First Professional Guided Whitewater Rafting Trip

Participating in a whitewater rafting adventure is fun and exciting, but it isn't like riding a roller coaster or watching a 3D movie in the theater. Whitewater rafting is a physical activity that allows you to be at the center of the action. Your experience all depends on the effort you put into your rafting trip and the risks you do or don't want to take during the trip. Here are a few things you can expect when going on your first professionally guided whitewater rafting trip:

You'll Wear Protective Gear

When you show up to take your whitewater rafting trip, your guide will likely provide you with a wetsuit to wear that will help protect you from the cold water and the hot sun. You should be able to choose between short and long-sleeved wetsuits to meet your unique needs and preferences. You will probably be required to wear a wetsuit for liability purposes, so if you don't want to wear one that the guide company offers, you should bring your own along.

You'll Get Lots of Exercise

Whitewater rafting is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. You will be expected to utilize an oar and help your fellow rafting mates control the raft that you're in. Your arms will not be the only things that will work hard. You can expect your legs and back to get a good workout too. This is a whole-body exercise that will likely leave you a little bit sore when all is said and done — but in a good, satisfying way.

You'll Work up an Appetite

You should enjoy a large, protein-rich meal before going on your whitewater rafting adventure to ensure that you maintain the energy you need to power the raft throughout the trip. However, you should also expect to be quite hungry by the time your rafting trip is over. Some rafting companies offer snacks or sack lunches after each guided trip, while others will expect you to fend for yourself. Find out whether food is provided by your guide ahead of time. This way, if food isn't provided, you'll have time to pack a picnic meal or make reservations at a nearby restaurant after your rafting trip.

Contact the rafting company you'll be adventuring with today to learn more about what you can expect when showing up for your guided trip and to find out what you should and shouldn't bring with you.