Visit a Zip Line Center That Has Side-By-Side Zip Lines

Whenever you're thinking about visiting a zip line center, it's a good idea to look online to learn more about what the facility offers. Some centers have a single, long zip line, while others have multiple zip lines that run in different directions. In some cases, you'll find centers that have a pair of side-by-side zip lines. While each scenario can be appealing for different reasons, the latter option can especially be fun if you're visiting with a friend or with a group of people. Here are some reasons to check out a zip line center that has side-by-side zip lines.

You Can Race

A big reason to head to a facility that has side-by-side zip lines is that you'll be able to race against a friend or family member. Typically, the staff at these centers get people hooked into the end of each of the lines and then release them at the same time. If you're with a few friends and you enjoy some playful competition with each other, it can be a lot of fun to go head to head to see who will reach the end of their route the fastest. There's a good chance that you'll want to complete the runs several times to see who gets bragging rights in your group.

Shorter Lineups

Another reason to visit a center that has side-by-side zip lines is that you'll experience shorter lineups. Instead of one long line of people waiting to use one single zip line, they'll be divided among the two. This should result in the line of people moving twice as fast, which means that you'll spend more of your visit riding the zip line and less time standing in line while you wait to do so.

Easier With Children

A zip line experience can be a lot of fun for kids, but some children may feel a little tentative about zip-lining on their own — especially when they're experiencing this activity for the first time. When you visit a center that has side-by-side lines, you may find that your children feel more eager to embrace this adventure because you can ride at the same time as them. You'll be able to get on the line that is adjacent to your child, which means that you'll only be a few yards apart. As you both travel down your respective lines, you can offer words of encouragement to your child and they'll always be able to look over and see you nearby.