New To Fly Fishing? Follow These 4 Tips

Are you going on your first fly fishing trip, but you're new to it and not sure what you are doing? Follow these tips to ensure that your fly fishing trip is successful. 

Cast Upstream

You'll want to try casting your upstream based on where you are located, and then let the line travel downstream until the line feels tight. This will help your line travel across a longer area of the stream and be more likely to catch a fish since your lure will travel to different areas of the stream. 

Limit Your Line To The Length Of Your Rod

Try limiting the length of your fishing line to the length of your fishing rod. This means that if you have an 8-foot rod, then you should cast 8 feet of line out from the end of the rod for 16 feet of total distance from where you are located. This helps get your line into the water faster and gives you more control over the line without having to pull it all back in.

Know How To Hold Your Rod When Traveling

As you are walking through wooded areas with your fishing rod, it's important to know how to hold it. You'll want to reel in the line so that you do not have excess line hanging down, and then hold your rod backward so that the rod is trailing behind you. This will help prevent the rod from getting caught on things as you walk through trees and things in nature where it can get caught on. As long as the rod is facing behind you, it will be going through the clear path that you just walked through. If you don't do this, you could snap the end of the rod off accidentally and ruin it. 

Learn How To Cast Sideways

If you see a part of the stream where fish are hiding, but it's under a fallen tree branch, you'll need to learn how to cast your rod sideways in order to get your lure under there. It will help to get the lure in the water close to where you want it to go, and then let the lure travel downstream. You can then pull on the rod so that the lure travels back upstream at a sideways angle, hopefully getting you under whatever object was in the way. Try the technique in an open area before you try to get the lure under an actual object.