Types of Trips That Your Local Rafting Center May Provide

Booking a rafting trip can be a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with a group of friends or colleagues. If you're thinking about this type of outdoor adventure, it's a good idea to give some thought to what type of trip will suit you best. Your local rafting center likely has several different options for people to evaluate. One thing to consider is how much time you wish to invest in your rafting outing. Commonly, you'll find that trips are available in several lengths, including the following.

Half-Day Trips

Many rafting centers have trips that last just half a day, which can be ideal for many people. This length of trip can be a good introduction to rafting. If you'll be taking part in this activity for the first time and want to see how you like it before you commit to something longer, a half-day outing can be a good choice. Half-day trips can also be good for school and work outings, as they won't interfere with any daily schedules. For example, if you take a school group on a half-day trip, the students should still be able to take the school bus in the morning and afternoon.

Full-Day Trips

For those who want to immerse themselves more deeply in a rafting adventure, a full-day trip can be a good choice. While the exact length of the trip can depend on which rafting center you visit, this type of outing will start in the morning and end around dinnertime. A full-day trip can be fun not only because it gives you more time on the water, but also because you may get to enjoy other elements. For example, your group will likely stop somewhere on the route to enjoy lunch along the banks of the river.

Overnight Trips

Many rafting centers offer overnight trips, which can be an exciting choice for those who want to spend a lot of time rafting and being outdoors. Overnight trips often involve camping and can give you more time to hang out with your fellow rafters. If you're booking an outing with friends you don't get to see very often, for example, an overnight trip can be a good choice because it gives you a lot more time together. Due to their length, overnight trips may allow you to experience different types of rafting—for example, encountering several challenging whitewater areas as well as paddling through calmer waters to enjoy the scenery.