How To Make Sure You Get The Perfect Hunting Gambrel

Hunting deer and other game has been a sport in America for hundreds of years, and there is perhaps no more satisfying feeling than bringing home a nice buck to skin and harvest. However, to do this accurately, you need a lot of equipment so that you don't ruin the meat and taint the hide (if you intend to keep it). One piece that plays a foundational role is the gambrel. While a lot of novices think they can skin and harvest meat from a deer (or another large animal, for that matter) just on the ground, a gambrel is essential to do it accurately. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get the right hunting gambrel.

Attaching The Game

There are a few different types of hunting gambrels out there, ranging from those that are only suited to advanced hunters who have had many years of experience to those who are out and about on their first foray into hunting. If you are a beginner, look for a gambrel that is easier to attach the carcass to. Some allow you to fasten them with easy-to-adjust rope, while more advanced gambrels require you to have intimate knowledge of the animal so that you can cut it and hang it up by its legs without any rope at all. It just depends on how comfortable you feel and your experience level.


Some gambrels are more portable and can be used in any location, which is great for hunters who like to skin and harvest meat outside. All you need is a good, sturdy tree branch and you can step away. Other gambrels require a special attachment to a support beam or structure in your home or else they won't work as intended. If you are more of a hunter that likes to finish all their work while still outside, make sure to get a hunting gambrel that is more versatile for your purposes.

Load Management

Modern gambrels can be quite intuitive and easy to use, even when the deer carcass weighs several hundred pounds. Smart pulley systems can really take a load off your back, both figuratively and literally. If you are working on your own and not with a hunting partner who could help you string the animal up, then a hunting gambrel that offers this additional help is vital, or else you will be struggling with the full weight all on your own. If you do have a trusty hunting partner, a more traditional hunting gambrel will do the job just fine. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for hunting gambrels near you.